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Osko by BPAY™

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Osko by BPAY allows you to pay and get paid faster without the hassle of cash. It was developed for the New Payments Platform to create real-time payments between financial institutions throughout Australia. 

What are the benefits of Osko by BPAY?

Osko by BPAY creates speedy payments, so you no longer have to wait 24-48 hours for your payments to clear the account. With Osko you can expect payment to occur within a minute. 

Benefits include:

  • Fast – payments occur within a minute
  • Available – payments can occur 24/7 and on weekends
  • Convenient – Osko is available on Internet Banking, Mobile banking and the Mobile App
  • Easy – you don’t have to register for Osko
  • Safe – Available through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, the Mobile App and backed by BPAY
  • Simple – Osko and PayID make transferring money for payments smooth
  • Handy – You can include up to 280 characters in your Osko payment description

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Please note: Changes to our Account & Access Facilities Conditions of Use for Osko Payments. 

We have added new clauses to the Electronic Access Facilities & ePayments Conditions of Use section for Osko Payments, namely:

  • Section 23 - Using Osko
  • Section 24 - Processing Osko Payments
  • Section 25 - Scheduled and Recurring Osko Payments
  • Section 27 - Authority to Recover Mistaken or Misdirected Payments

The most significant change is to Section 27 where you authorise us to recover mistaken or misdirected payments made to your account and return the payment to the payer. 

You will be bound by these changes when you make your first Osko Payment. 


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