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Forget your BSB and Account Number. Hello PayID, Hello Simple

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A PayID is something easy to remember, like your mobile number or email address, which is attached to your nominated online or mobile banking account. Then, when someone needs to pay you, simply give them your PayID instead of BSB and account number.  

  What is PayID?

A PayID is a smart address for NPP payments, which you can create yourself by linking your account to a recognisable and memorable piece of information that you use in everyday life - such as your mobile number or email address. 

A PayID can only be linked to one account. 

  What types of PayID can I create?

A PayID created at Orange Credit Union can be a mobile number, an email address, an Australian Business Number (ABN) or an Organisation ID (Organisation Name). Payments can still be made via a BSB or account number – PayID just makes it simpler to remember. 

  Do I have to create a PayID?

No. You can still send monies using the Osko service (within a minute) to a BSB and account number.  

  How does PayID work?

To use the PayID service, you will need to register your selected PayID within our Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or Mobile App (make sure you have the latest version at the App Store or Google Play) and link it to the account of your choice. Your PayID can be either your mobile number or email address. 

If you want to register a PayID that is an ABN or Organisation ID, you will need to contact and/or visit Orange Credit Union. 

Once registered, when someone wants to pay you – just share your PayID. 

To pay someone using their PayID, simply login to your Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or Mobile App and select Osko as the payment method. When you enter a PayID, the system will automatically show you who the PayID is registered to (PayID Name) so you can check and confirm before payment. 

  What are the benefits of PayID?

There are a number of benefits to using a PayID including:

  • It makes payments simple, while being safe and secure

  • It's convenient as you'll only have to provide payers with details that are easy to remember such as an email address or mobile number

  • It gives you greater peace of mind as you no longer have to provide your financial account information, such as BSB and account number to payers in order to receive payments.

  • You'll also have the ability to maintain and transfer your PayID to another account with Orange Credit Union, or if you change financial institutions.

  What accounts can I link to a PayID?

Only accounts that are capable of receiving NPP payments can have PayIDs. The accounts at Orange Credit Union that can have PayIDs attached to them are accounts that currently can send and receive direct entry payments. 

Generally, savings accounts will be able to have PayIDs, but loan accounts will not.

  How many accounts can I link my PayID to?

A PayID can only be linked to one account at any given time.

  How many PayIDs can I create?

You can create multiple PayIDs -- as long as you are the rightful owner of the information (eg. mobile number and email address) that you wish to register. For example, you can register both your mobile number and your email address (pointing to the same account or to different accounts)

  Can I have multiple PayIDs with different financial institutions?

Yes. You can register different PayIDs to accounts at different financial institutions. But, each PayID (mobile number or email address) can only be linked to one account at a time. For example, you can have your mobile number attached to an account at one financial institution and your email attached to an account at a different financial institution. 

  Can I have multiple PayIDs linked to the same account number?

Yes, you can have multiple PayIDs linked to the same account. For example, your mobile number and your email address can be linked to the same banking account. 

  Where can I use my PayID?

Once registered, you can give your PayID to people or companies who need to transfer money to you. If the payer’s financial institution does not offer PayID, they can still pay you using your BSB and Account Number.

  Can my PayID be created without my knowledge?

No. Creating a PayID requires a number of identification and verification steps to prove that you are the rightful owner of the information.

  What happens if I need to change my PayID?

If you change your mobile number, email address, ABN or Organisation Name and it is linked to your account, you are required to close your PayID. Also, if you close your account with a PayID, your PayID will also be closed. We can help you manage this process. 

  Things to note with creating and using PayID
  • Only New Payment Platform payments can be made to a PayID. Direct entry payments cannot be made to a PayID. 
  • Members can use Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, or the Mobile App to make a NPP payment to a payee using the payee’s PayID. 
  • Rather than entering the BSB and account number of the payee, you can enter the PayID (mobile number, email address, ABN, or Organisation ID). 
  • It is important that you check the PayID Name that is displayed when the PayID is entered. The PayID Name will be a true reflection of the payee’s name as required by the NPP Addressing Service Rules. 
  • If the PayID Name displayed does not match the name of the payee you want to pay, then payment should not be made. Contact the payee to confirm that they own and have registered the PayID to be paid to.
  • If a payment to a PayID has been made and the payee has not received the funds, contact Orange Credit Union and request assistance. Also, if the payment has been made to the incorrect payee, contact us and request assistance.

Note: Remember that NPP payments can still be made by using the payee’s BSB and account number.

  Assistance with registering a PayID

If you have difficulty registering a PayID, contact Orange Credit Union for assistance. It may be that the PayID is already taken. If this is the case, if you have the authority to use the PayID (i.e. it is your mobile number, email address, ABN or Organisation ID) then we will attempt to resolve the PayID registration conflict on your behalf. 

Please note that you must log in to Internet Banking using your own unique client number with us. Your details will only display on your client number.  


Safety and Security 

  Are PayID payments secure?

The PayID service has been designed and certified with the highest data security capabilities and it is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PayID payments can only be made by participating banks, credit unions and building societies.

  Will my PayID information be safe?

PayID will be secure within Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. You will only provide the information required to create the PayID - your contact information, ABN or Organisation ID - which is already in the banking system.

  Is it safe to share my PayID with anyone?

When you give someone your PayID, they cannot use it to withdraw money from your account. They will only be able to use it to make a payment to you through their secure online or mobile banking channel at a participating financial institution. A PayID on its own cannot be used to create a false identity. 

  If someone knows my PayID, can they access my bank account or personal details?

When a person uses your PayID to pay you, they will only see the information provided to describe that PayID, such as your name or the name of your business. A person with your PayID cannot access your bank account or personal information linked to your account. 

  Can someone else set up a PayID using my personal details?

No. Creating a PayID requires a number of identification and verification steps to prove that you are the rightful owner of the identifier (eg. mobile number or email address). 

  Can a person link my PayID to their account?

A PayID can be linked to one account only. Moving a PayID from one account to another requires a number of identification and verification steps to prove that you are the rightful owner of the information, as well as the owner of the account to which the PayID is to be moved. 


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