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Direct Debit

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Why waste time travelling between different financial institutions to transfer your money when you can have it all done electronically?

You can even arrange to have your pay allocated automatically between your accounts to save you manually making transactions.

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Arrange a Direct Debit

To set up a direct debit account, you will need to provide another company with your details at Orange Credit Union.* The following information will need to be given:

  • BSB Number: 802-129
  • Member number or Alternate Reference number - contact us for more information about an Alternate Reference number


Once you have established a Direct Debit of your payroll*, you can also arrange to have a portion of your salary or wages paid directly into any number of sub-accounts. Examples of these cost-savings, budget ideas are:

  Enjoy the Benefits
  • No transaction fees
  • Easily transfer funds to your accounts from different sources
  • Have your pay directly credited to your account
  • Ensure you have enough credit to cover bills and other expenses

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*Please note: Your direct debit will automatically be withdrawn from or deposited into your S1 account. If you choose to have the payment taken from or added to a different sub-account, you will need to contact our office. If you would like to set up or change payroll allocation, please  download a copy of our Payroll Account Allocation Authority.


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