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Digital Wallet

'The Pays' offer an easy way to make purchases using your Orange Credit Union Visa Debit card by the tap of your mobile phone or online while enjoying the same benefits and increased protection of your physical card.

You will also avoid merchant routing by using a digital wallet.   

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New Payments Platform

A faster, simpler and smarter payments technology through a versatile payments system:

  • Allows for payments in real time, with close to immediate funds 
  • Simple addressing system using a unique identifier like a mobile number or email address
  • Include up to 280 characters of text with your payment
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A convenient, fast and secure payment option for bills available to Orange Credit Union members:

  • Allows you to make payments to over 20,000 billers
  • Can be accessed through internet banking, phone banking, mobile banking or in our office
  • Allows you to program one-off bill payments or recurring payments
Ways to BPAY
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Direct Debit

Direct debits are arrangements made between a customer and a business that authorise that business to deduct agreed amounts from a nominated account.

  • Single or recurring payments
  • Saves you time and reduces risk of missing payments as well as late fees
  • An example of a direct debit is the monthly deduction of a gym membership

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For those times when you need to make a direct payment or withdraw cash, you are able to access eftpos or ATM using your VISA Debit card.


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Periodical Payments

Periodical Payments are recurring payments or transfers that you authorise the credit union to make on your behalf from your nominated account.

  • Great for organising your payments ahead of time
  • Never miss a due date
  • An example of a periodic payment is a home loan or personal loan repayment.

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External Transfer

Orange Credit Union makes it simple and easy to transfer funds in and out of your account, even if it's from another financial institution.

  • Transfer funds to and from accounts at other financial institutions to your Orange CU account(s)
  • Pay your Orange Credit Union loan from an External Account
  • Make one-time transfers or set up recurring transfers

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Sending Money Overseas

Orange Credit Union offers an option to receive funds from abroad:

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