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SMS Alerts


There are a number of alerts you can receive from SMS Banking that can help you manage your money and reduce your fees.

These messages will be sent to your nominated mobile phone or email address automatically between 7.00am 7.00pm AEST, 7 days per week.

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Alert Options
Balance Update Low or High balance alert
Direct Credit received Debit or Withdrawal more than nominated amount
Loan payment overdue Advance notification when loan repayment is due
Advance notification of maturing Term Deposit Internet Banking login
Notification of a change in the overdraft limit Notification when payment is due on an overdraft account
Notification of a change in loan repayment amount Notification of loan interest rate change
Notification of a change to telephone banking password Notification of cancellation of Visa Debit card
Notification of a change in the Maximum Daily Limit on
Internet Banking
Notification of an ATM/POS withdrawal
Notification of a personal cheque withdrawal Notification of a Direct Credit
Notification of a Direct Debit Notification of a dishonoured cheque deposit

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges apply for SMS messages. The first five messages per month are FREE, and then $0.30 per message thereafter during the month. Email messages are always free. You may also be charged fees by your mobile carrier.

Security & Privacy

When you register for SMS Banking you authorise Orange Credit Union to send account information to your nominated mobile phone. The SMS we send may contain account information that you prefer to keep confidential. Once we have sent the SMS to your nominated mobile number, we have no control over who can access this information. SMS Alerts and Email Alerts are not a secure form of communication.

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