My Credit Union



I joined Orange Credit Union in the early 70s, when it was a little office at the side of the Royal Hotel, with Manager, Phil Nokes and a small team of two or three employees. It was a great decision. Wonderful support, friendly service, good advice always forthcoming. 

I moved to live in the Philippines over 16 years ago, and still have my banking with Orange Credit Union. Over the years, the faces may have changed, but the service has not.

Amazing that I can transfer my income, arrange personal financing and all services from 8000 kilometres away!

Just miss the smiling, friendly faces of the Orange Credit Union team. I thank you all for the wonderful work you do. Anna and I live in the Philippines in a beautiful home on 1500sq/ m, surrounded by tropical fruit trees and beautiful gardens. OCU helped us achieve this.

Max Ashcroft – Orange Credit Union Customer for over 50 years