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Tuesday, 26 October 2021 08:10


New scams research reveals 1 in 4 adults are their 'own worst enemy' by following the instructions of cyber-criminals. 

Orange Credit Union top 5 scam prevention tips

Startling new research released by the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) for Scams Awareness Week reveals that 8 in 10 people have been approached by a cyber-criminal in the past two years, and of those affected, a quarter did what was asked of them.

The findings – based on an Essential Research poll of 1094 people – investigated the incidence of scams that ask people to click on a link such as, ‘missed delivery’ text messages, hand over personal information including bank account or credit card details, or send money or goods.

“Orange Credit Union has seen a significant increase in financial crimes targeting customers since the onset of the pandemic,” Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew de Graaff said.

“Scammers are becoming more sophisticated, creating believable scenarios that can be hard to detect. Unfortunately, all age groups and demographics are susceptible to being a victim of a scam,” he said.

On the positive side, regardless of whether they were a victim, most of those who experienced a form of cybercrime is now more cautious when engaging with emails, texts, and calls from unrecognised senders, with women becoming most aware of scam activity.

Mr de Graaff said: “Orange Credit Union is passionate about helping the community fight back against cyber-crime and scams. Our team regularly helps increase awareness of scams and supports the community with free information workshops to prevent fraud and scams.”

Orange Credit Union has compiled our top five tips to avoid falling victim to a scam:

From 8-12 November the ACCC’s Scamwatch service holds its annual Scams Awareness Week. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Talk Scams’. As a member of the Customer Owned Banking Association, one of the founding members of the Scams Awareness Network, we encourage all Australians to talk to their friends and family about scams.

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