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Beware of tax time scams

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As the end of the financial year comes to a close it is important to stay vigilant about scams.

Recently, there have been numerous complaints to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) about emails which are coming through pretending to be from the ATO, trying to trick consumers into providing their private details.

The emails usually have the words ‘tax refund’ and go to great lengths to convince recipients that it is genuine—they even contain a replica of the ATO’s logo and a link to what appears to be the ATO website.

Consumers are asked to provide details such as their name, email details, date of birth, address and banking details in order to search for any tax refunds. The email may also direct consumers to a fake Taxation Office website and asks for personal information and credit card details.

If you receive this type of email, do NOT to click on any links provided and please delete the email immediately.

If you have already provided personal or account details via one of these links, contact Orange Credit Union.


  • Never send your personal, credit card or banking details in an email or over the phone—scammers will use your details to commit identity fraud or steal your money.
  • If you receive unsolicited emails claiming to be from the ATO, Centrelink or financial institutions delete them immediately!
  • If you are unsure whether you have received a legitimate request, call the organisation by using contact details from legitimate sources. Don’t rely on contact details provided to you in an email or through the phone. Instead, obtain contact details through an internet search, telephone directories or official letters/statements.
  • Don't open any attachments or click on any links in, or reply to, these emails. This may result in downloading malicious viruses on your computer.

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