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With e-Statements, you can receive your statements online through internet banking rather than in the post. Simply register online in Internet Banking and nominate your accounts. We'll send you an email when your statement is ready to view.

It's a great way to reduce paper usage and impact on the environment.

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e-Statement features:

  • Immediate access to up to 2 years worth of historical eStatements
  • Safe and secure access within Internet Banking
  • Nominate individual accounts
  • Accounts registered for e-Statements will no longer receive a paper statement
  • You can view, print and save your e-Statements
  • e-Statements are presented as a convenient PDF file

Three easy steps to receive eStatements:

  1. Update your email address in Manage Preferences via Internet Banking or call us during business hours 
  2. Register for e-Statements in Internet Banking (go to Account Options)
  3. Call us during business hours on (02) 6362 4466

Things to note:

  • Once you register an account for e-Statements, you will no longer receive a paper statement for the account
  • You will need to provide a valid email address, which must be regularly checked so we can tell you when your statement is ready and provide you with information from time to time
  • We may remove accounts from being viewable through e-Statements. If this happens, paper statements will resume for those accounts.
  • You may enable or disable accounts for e-Statements at any time using the preferences section in Internet Banking or by calling (02) 6362 4466
  • Some accounts are not eligible for e-Statements
  What do eStatements look like?

E-Statements are presented through the security of Internet Banking in a PDF file  - that looks just like the mail version. You will be able to save or print your e-Statement.

  Who can have an eStatement?

Any member or signatory that receives an existing statement from us and has access to Internet Banking and a valid email address. 

  How do I register for eStatements?

You are able to register for eStatements by contacting our office or via Internet Banking where you can register yourself. You must have an email address to register. If you do not have an email address on file with us, you will need to update your email address in Internet Banking (using a One Time Password) or by contacting our office during business hours. 

  How will I be advised that an eStatement is available?

When an eStatement is available via Internet Banking, you will be sent a notification to your nominated email address. The email will not contain any links to our Internet Banking site - it will simply inform you that you need to log in to Internet Banking to view your latest statement. 

  How long will eStatements ve available to view online?

Historical eStatements will be available for 2 years. 

  Can joint owners or signatories of accounts receive eStatements?

Typically only one statement is produced for joint accounts. However, if other joint owner(s) also want a copy of the statement via eStatement on their Internet Banking, they can register for eStatement under their unique membership. 

  How do I de-register from eStatements?

You can choose to de-register from the eStatements service at any time by calling our office during business hours. If you de-register from eStatements you will receive a paper based statement via the mail. 

  How do I change my email address for eStatements notification?

Log in to Internet Banking, then go to My Preferences / Update Contact details. You will need a One Time Password to update your details. Alternatively, you can contact our office during business hours. 

  What happens if I do not receive email notifications?

Check your email address listed in Internet Banking to ensure that it is correct. If it is correct in Internet Banking, then please contact us for further investigation.  

  What if the email notification returns to the credit union undelivered?

If the email notification returns undelivered, we will make every attempt to contact you and have the error corrected. If we are unable to make contact with you, a paper based version of the statement will be produced and mailed to you with a notice advising that the email notification for your eStatement was unable to be delivered to the nominated email address for eStatements. 

  Will the Fee Disclosure details be provided on eStatements?

Yes, as they are on paper based statements. 

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