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A better banking experience

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Orange Credit Union is completely different and better than a bank. They are like a little family and really look after you. It gave me the confidence to manage my money. There were no problems and my personal lender helped me understand what was required and the home loan process. It was all broken down and if I wanted anything clarified, it was easily explained another way which made sense to me. They are lovely, open people, so helpful and professional. The local team helped me make online transfers so I feel very safe, secure and I know they are here for me. They take extra care and live by what they say. If they say they will get back to you, they always do. It has been an amazing experience and it is comforting to know they are just here. I have since opened a bank account and make online transactions and it is so easy. I hardly need to go into the branch but when I do, they remember me. I wish I had changed to Orange Credit Union years ago. Nothing is a hassle, it is simple and so convenient. If you are insecure about money, they will guide you and you can trust them which is really important. This experience has changed my life and I feel very safe in dealing with Orange Credit Union. It has really built my financial confidence. People often have trouble with their finances and don’t know where to start but I always tell them to go see Orange Credit Union. 

Tess Peters - Orange resident

                     - Orange Credit Union home loan customer


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