Over 4 million Australians are members of Credit Unions and mutual building societies. We meet the same regulatory standards as banks and are prudent and strong financial service providers.

The Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice (Code) is the code of practice for Australia’s mutual banks, credit unions and building societies.

The Code is a public expression of the level of support that subscribers will provide to its customers and the community, and the standards by which they be held accountable. It outlines clearly and transparently what a customer can expect when dealing with a Code subscriber.

For the 2022 Code, many aspects have been revised and updated to reflect modern consumer expectations and developments in approaches to issues such as consumer vulnerability, guarantors, and supporting customers through financial hardship. The Code establishes higher standards than the law requires and reflects the customer owned banking sector’s commitment to serving the interests of its customers and communities.

How does it affect you?

The 2022 Code is underpinned by seven key promises. These promises are the principles that form the basis of the Code, informing all other provisions and obligations.

  1. We will deliver banking services in the interests of our customers.
  2. We will obey the law.
  3. We will not mislead or deceive.
  4. We will act honestly and fairly.
  5. We will offer products and services that are fit for general purpose.
  6. We will deliver services with reasonable care and skill.
  7. We will contribute to our community.

Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice

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