The Orange Credit Union Visa Debit card gives you all the convenience of a credit card but you use your own money.

Features & benefits

Our Visa Debit card is an access card which is linked to your All Purpose Savings account, Prestige Account or Budget Account, allowing you to use your own money wherever Visa is accepted.

Your Visa Debit card allows you to purchase goods and services throughout Australia and the world wherever the Visa logo is displayed, including online! To verify your purchase, you will be asked at the time of sale to enter your PIN number, PayWave with your card or use your Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay), ensuring that your wallet settings are set to default to Visa Debit.

Many merchants are now using least-cost routing which will affect the fees that you pay. To avoid or minimise fees, please use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay on your smartphone and ensure your default payment setting is Credit/Visa. 

The Orange Credit Union Visa Debit card is accepted at any ATM’s that accept Visa worldwide. When using an ATM in Australia, just access your account like you would using another debit card.

If you are using your Visa Debit card overseas, you need to press the “credit” button. Please be aware that when using your card overseas, a currency conversion fee and International Transaction Fee may apply. 

You may receive a text message from our Fraud Investigation Team to confirm if transactions made on your Visa card are legitimate.

We will:

  • Send messages from +61 437 126 492 or +61 489 954 380
  • Only ask for Yes/No responses
  • Instruct you to call 1300 705 750 should you have any concerns

We will never:

  • Ask for sensitive information such as an access code, OTP or Internet Banking password
  • Include links in our messages
  • Send messages from other numbers

We recommend you do the following before you depart:

  1. As part of your pre-journey plans always let us know where and how long you are away - especially if you are travelling overseas
  2. Like all card issuers we monitor overseas card transactions as part of our fraud programs
  3. You will be helping us when you give us details including which countries you intend to visit
  4. Always check with us if there are any restrictions & to confirm daily overseas withdrawal limits and applicable fees
  5. Remember you will need to memorise your card PIN for overseas ATM withdrawals
  6. ATM’s around the world means you have access to local currency and the convenience of not carrying large amounts of cash, however skimmers can spoil your holiday so always be alert and cover your PIN wherever you use the card
  7. Keep a record of your card numbers AND telephone number for reporting lost or stolen cards
  8. Keep these with copies of passports and tickets in a safe place (not handbag or wallet)
  9. Always let us know a contact here in Australia or an email address where we can reach you whilst travelling or if you will have active mobile roaming so we can contact you
  10. If you are going to be overseas for a lengthy time please let us know and ensure you provide us with a contact address and telephone number
  • Take a back up credit card or Cash Passport card, and a small amount of foreign cash with you, as VISA Debit may not be accepted at all ATM’s overseas. 
  • If your card is not a chip card, please ask our staff to order one for you prior to your trip.

We are here to help

Learn more about how to report your card lost or stolen.