For those times when you need to make a direct payment or withdraw cash, you are able to access EFTPOS or ATM using your VISA Debit card.

You can use your VISA Debit to conduct EFTPOS transactions at places such as the supermarket, petrol station, retail stores and many other convenient places. By simply swiping your card/digital wallet or inserting your card and entering your PIN through a merchants terminal, funds are transferred directly from your account to theirs for payment. For transactions including cash (ATM, cash out etc) "savings" will need to be selected.

EFTPOS Security Tips

  • Regularly change your PIN
  • Check store receipts for irregularities (i.e. store name, details, location should match)
  • Regularly check your account statements
  • Be aware of the amount of funds you have in your account
  • Do not write your PIN anywhere
  • Cover your PIN when entering it into a terminal
  • Where possible and if it is available to you, use chip technology
  • If you have concerns contact us immediately

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Please note: We will receive commissions when you make payments using BPAY. We receive an amount of $0.55 per transaction.