One-Time Passwords is a unique password sent to your nominated mobile phone as an SMS message when prompted.

Importantly, NEVER share a One Time Password with a third party as this will increase your risk of fraud.

One-Time Password is an extra level of security on your Internet Banking. It is easy to use, quick and portable so you can access your Internet Banking account with confidence from anywhere around the world.  

We offer one type of One Time Password:

  • SMS text - One Time codes are sent by text message to your nominated mobile phone

The One-Time Password service creates random temporary codes that you will need to input when prompted  - typically when using Internet Banking, Mobile App or paying for goods online.  

The OTP is automatically sent to the registered mobile phone number when requested. 

Once you receive the password, enter the code into the space provided.

We encourage all members who use Internet Banking to request this additional layer of security on your accounts. Once registered you will be required to use a One-Time Password when prompted - giving you that extra level of security all the time. Once you have requested this service, within 3 business days, your daily external internet banking limit will be increased to $4,000.

Contact us during business hours to set up SMS Text, as we will need to reset your daily Internet Banking limit. Alternatively, you can register for One Time Password within Internet Banking. To register within Internet Banking, follow these steps:

Step 1. Sign into Internet Banking

Step 2. Go to the ‘Services & Help’ tab

Step 3. Select ‘Set up Security Options’

Step 4. Register your mobile number

It is important that you have you mobile number classified as ‘Mobile’ from the drop-down list.

We do not charge a fee to use your mobile phone for One-Time Password via SMS text. However, your mobile phone service provider may impose fees and charges for sending and receiving messages. You should contact your provider if you have any queries in relation to fees charged.

To de-register from One Time Passwords, please contact the Member Services Team during business hours on (02) 6362 4466; send a secure email from Internet Banking or within our website; or come to our office.

If you need to temporarily de-register for One-Time Passwords for any of the reasons above you will need to contact the Member Services Team on (02) 6362 4466

To re-register when One Time Password is able to be used you will have to re-register through Internet Banking.

To protect your account, One-Time Passwords are only available for 5 minutes. It is only valid for a single session and cannot be used again once you have logged out or closed your browser.

No. When you register for SMS text security, you will need to select only one mobile phone from the mobile numbers listed in your account as the default mobile for One-Time Passwords. We recommend that you nominate a mobile phone number that is used by you exclusively.

Please contact Orange Credit Union on (02) 6362 4466 and we can deregister your One-Time Password and update your mobile number for you. Once it is deregistered, you can then sign into Internet Banking and re-register with your new mobile number.

SMS text security is available anywhere that you can receive a standard text message to an Australian mobile number. For overseas use, please contact your mobile phone service provider.  If you plan to travel overseas, you will need internation roaming to receive an SMS Text. Keep in mind that you will only typically require an SMS Text OTP for exception transactions or maintenance.

As soon as you complete your login to Internet Banking, you will receive your 6-digit security code within approximately 20 seconds on your nominated mobile phone. If you have not received your SMS text in this time, log into Internet Banking again to generate a new one.

Delays may be experienced during periods of high usage. The code will remain valid for 5 minutes from the time of receiving it.

No, the password is valid for one time only. One you receive an SMS Text you will have 5 minutes to use the password before it becomes invalid.

You will receive a notification on the screen telling you that you have successfully registered.

You will have a total of 3 tries to login before you are locked out. If you become locked out, please call the Member Services Team on (02) 6362 4466 to reset your account.

No, an individual mobile phone number is required per member number.

No, you can only register one mobile number per One-Time Password registration.

Internet Banking logins are assigned at the individual client level. Business members and joint members will still login to Internet Banking with their individual client number and password to access a business or joint account. They can register for One-Time Password the same as an individual member.

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