Visa payWave looks just like any other credit or debit card apart from a small payWave logo on the front of the card.

An antenna is built into the plastic to securely transact with a contactless reader.

Visa payWave is a contactless method of payment. Featuring a distinctive contactless symbol  or Visa payWave logo, the cards have a tiny antenna embedded into the chip, which securely transmits purchase information.

A Visa payWave card is an easier, more convenient way to pay. It saves you time due to shorter transaction times and shorter queue times. You don’t need to enter a PIN for purchases under $100 and it’s more convenient as you no longer have to carry around cash.

Look out for a retailer displaying the contactless symbol  and Visa logo at the point of sale – in Australia and overseas. Hold your card within 4 cm of the secure contactless reader. Four green lights will appear. This takes no more than a few seconds. You can then remove your card and the transaction will be complete.

You should hold your Visa payWave card within 4cm of the card reader.

Visa payWave cards are just as secure as any other Visa chip card and carry the same multiple layers of security protection, including Zero Liability, which ensures you are not responsible for fraudulent or unauthorised transactions. In addition, with Visa payWave you retain control of your card during the transaction, which reduces the risk of fraud.

The Visa payWave platform is based on secure EMV chip technology, which provides both data protection and transaction security via the use of keys and the latest encryption technology. Transactions are processed through the same, reliable payment network as magnetic strip transactions.

Visa payWave terminals are designed to only make one transaction per card at a time. All Visa payWave terminals are tested and certified to confirm that a card is only read once before the transaction is concluded. As a safeguard, each transaction must be complete or void before another one can take place.

You can use your Visa payWave card for any amount in Australia. For purchases under $100 you can wave and go. For purchases over $100 a PIN is required. Please note that daily limits apply. 

For purchases exceeding $100 you can still use your Visa payWave card by entering your PIN to authorise the transaction.

Please note: if you have exceeded your daily transaction limit of $500 or 10 transactions, you may receive a DECLINE notice on the contactless reader. Please simply insert your card into the terminal, and you will be able to enter a PIN and transact as normal.

A Visa payWave payment is designed to let you make low-value transactions easily and conveniently. The retailer will ask if you require a receipt. If you do not require a receipt, please advise the retailer and a receipt will not be given. For purchases over $100 a PIN is required and a receipt will be provided.

Your transaction is confirmed by illumination of four green indicator lights and a display message confirming that your transaction has been successful.

Your card has to be waved within 4 centimetres of the card reader for more than one second and the retailer must have first entered the amount for you to approve. Terminals can only process one payment transaction at a time, therefore reducing transaction errors.

Your card will be accepted for Visa payWave transactions wherever you see the contactless symbol  and Visa logo at the point of sale in Australia or around the world.

You can still use your Visa payWave card for traditional transactions at millions of locations worldwide wherever you see the Visa sign, including over the Internet, telephone or via mail order.

The card's chip and magnetic strip also allow the card to be used in the same way as a traditional Visa card, wherever Visa is accepted using a PIN.

Visa payWave capabilities can be incorporated on any Visa card – credit, debit or prepaid. It is anticipated that Visa payWave will soon become a standard feature on many Visa cards.

No. With Visa payWave the transaction default is routed through the credit button, whether you're making the purchase on a Visa credit, debit or prepaid card. So there's no need to press any buttons. The transaction will automatically be routed to the transaction account or line of credit linked to your card. Please note that Merchant routing may override your transaction choice. You may be interested in using your Digital Wallet to avoid transaction fees. 

Yes. You can get cash out simply by dipping your card in the standard way.

All new and renewal Visa Debit cards are automatically upgraded to payWave. If you prefer not to use the payWave functionality, you can still choose to ‘dip’ your card using a PIN even if a payWave contactless terminal is available.

If you would prefer to disable the payWave functionality, please contact us on (02) 6362 4466.

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